Corporate Parties

Try any number of these fun games during your gathering:
9-Pin No-Tap:  When a bowler knocks down 9 pins on his or her first ball, the frams is scored as a strike. Our scoring system is programmable so this same format can be used with 8-7-6-5-etc. pins.
Scotch Doubles: Partners are chosen or assigned. The first player rolls his or her ball and the partner attempts to pick up the spare. If a strike is thrown, the rotation changes. This is a great game for building teamwork and helping people get to know one another.
Bingo: A bingo card is created with game scores instead of traditional numbers under the letters. For example, instead of calling out B-15 and trying to match that on a card, a row or column would contain X, 9-spare, 7 count, 6 spare, 8-split, and the like. As a bowler rolls matching frame scores, he or she fills in the card, until a Bingo is achieved.
Pick-a-ticket:  Each time a player rolls a strike, he or she receives a ticket with the remaining half put into a drawing. At the completion of games, tickets are drawn to determine prize winners. Prizes are normally provided by the group.
Baker Play:  Teams consist of 3-5 players. The team rotates through the game with bowlers taking turns to bowl their frames.  Therefore, on a five-person team, the first person would bowl the first and sixth frames. This is a true team event with final scores compared to other teams in a playoff format. This game is also an excellent mixer and great for encouraging teamwork. 
3-6-9:  Bowler bowls a normal game but automatically receives a strike in the third, sixth, and ninth frames.
Red Head Pin: When a strike is thrown with colored head pin, prizes are awarded. In addition, during the game the lights over the lanes are off and black lights are used with our light show. Prizes are normally provided by the group.

Individual and team tournaments using any of these formats are also possible.